Building Blocks for Product Sketches

Visual Communication – Building blocks for Product Sketches

Available since June 16th 2017


Koen Terra MSc


Visueel Communiceren, Basisblokken voor productschetsen, is nu ook verkrijgbaar in het Engels!

In the world of designing and developing, a clear and quick communication of ideas is useful and perhaps even imperative. Being able to visualise and bring to life the products you have created in your mind will help you convey your ideas more convincingly.

This book covers the basics of drawing products in perspective. Instead of advanced concept sketches of cars and ships, expect the important aspects of various types of perspective, as well as instructions on how to properly draw and colour simple blocks and cylinders in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional reality, and combining different basic volumes into one simple product. All materials used in the book are common in the world of product design and engineering.

Although the technical branch increasingly uses software to draw and document products, setting up a 3D model on a computer can take a relatively long amount of time. Therefore, being able to quickly and clearly sketch that what you have in mind is an immensely valuable skill.

The theory in this book is accompanied by useful examples in the form of pictures and drawings, so that it can function as a simple and accessible reference book once you start drawing and designing products yourself.

Target group

Students in mechanical engineering. product development and design or architecture.

Key words

Drawing, Sketching, Design, Products




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